Where to Get Help for a Drinking Problem

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get help for a drinking problem

The first step toward addressing your addiction to alcohol is admitting you have a problem. While some people try to battle their addiction alone, it is much easier when you have professional support. Learn where to get help for a drinking problem.

Where to Get Help for a Drinking Problem

  • Alcohol Anonymous: Also known as AA and a 12-Step Program, Alcohol Anonymous is a program designed to help individuals with their addiction to substances in a supportive group setting. This community program offers encouragement and accountability to help you make the necessary changes in your life to address your addiction. AA recognizes it’s challenging to make changes on your own, and this program acts as a support system for your road to sobriety and beyond.
  • Therapist: A therapist helps you address your addictive behavior and identify the thought patterns that contribute to your substance abuse. Working closely with the therapist, they will help you change those thought patterns in a way that works specifically for you. There are many people who can provide behavioral therapy services in your community, and they don’t all have the title “therapist.”
  • Doctor: Like addiction to other substances, someone with severe alcoholism could go through withdrawal if they suddenly stop drinking. It can be valuable to schedule an appointment with your doctor who can help you decide if you need medical supervision as you stop drinking. Plus, your doctor can point you in the direction of local resources.
  • Addiction Treatment Program: There are in-patient and out-patient centers that are designed specifically to help individuals with addiction to substances. These programs offer all different avenues of help, from doctors to therapists and group therapy to familial support.

You might notice we don’t have a spouse or friend on this list. While the road to sobriety is much easier when you have the support of a loved one, they are not responsible for your actions—you are. They can help by finding resources and offering alcohol-free activities, but addiction to alcohol or other substances often requires professional help.

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