What Are the Signs Someone Is Using Meth?

Six Signs

signs of meth use

Methamphetamine, also known as meth, is a stimulant drug that is incredibly addictive. The user first experiences a feel-good high that their body begins to crave, leading to addiction. As a powder, it can be eaten or snorted. When mixed with a liquid, it can be injected with a needle. Today, we’re going to take a look at the signs you might notice if someone is using meth.

Signs Someone Is Using Meth

They’re itching a lot. A common side effect of meth is obsessive scratching of skin. Users often describe feeling like they have parasites or insects crawling under their skin.

They pass out. Methamphetamine can make your body temperature so high that you pass out. If someone is passed out and they have a history of drug misuse, they may be high on meth.

Changes in appearance. Even after a short period of use, you might notice some physical changes. “Meth mouth” is a common side effect, and you’ll notice rotten teeth and inflamed gums. There might be sores or scratches on the skin and track marks if the user injects the drugs. Weight loss is another common symptom.

Thinking and emotional problems. The user may experience psychosis and exhibit violent, aggressive behavior.

Acting sick. After the drug wears, off, the user may appear to have a severe cold. Signs include running nose and lethargy.

You find paraphernalia. Glass pipes, needles, rolled up dollar bills, aluminum foil, spoons, and tourniquets may be used for meth consumption. They’re a particularly significant sign if you find these items hidden around your home and there are other signs of use.

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