How to Help Prevent Pain Medication Misuse

5 Things You Can Do

How to Help Prevent Pain Medication Misuse

Opioids are highly addictive drugs that can cause a euphoric feeling for the user. Pain medicine is one type of opioid, and it is frequently prescribed to help a user manage pain after surgery or chronic ailments like back pain. If not monitored closely by a doctor, a user can misuse the drug, becoming dependent and possibly addicted. Learn how to help prevent pain medication misuse.

How to Help Prevent Pain Medication Misuse

Attend appointments when appropriate. When your loved one needs to have an appointment with the doctor regarding their pain management, see if you can attend with them. It can be overwhelming to receive so much information at one time, and you can help take notes and be aware of the medication plan.

Offer to help manage the prescription. There are very specific directions for taking opioids for pain relief. Offer to help your loved one manage the schedule so they don’t need to worry about doing it on their own. It’s especially helpful because opioids can alter mental function. Consider setting alarms and keeping track on a calendar.

Remove unneeded pills from the home. Once the opioids are no longer needed and you have consulted the doctor, get the rest of the prescription out of your home. Do not flush them down the toilet. Instead, check with your pharmacy; they might have a solution for you. Also, some communities have a day to collect unneeded prescriptions.

Request non-opioid pain medication. There are pain medications that aren’t opioids. Work with the doctor to see what other options are, whether they are a different prescribed medication or something over-the-counter.

Don’t keep prescriptions with over-the-counter medicine. That prescription pain medication you had leftover from knee surgery might seem like a quick fix for your spouse’s aggravated shoulder. Keep them in separate spots to reduce the temptation.

North Star Treatment Services Offers Treatment Programs for Pain Medication Abuse

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